Business Services


LBVEntreprise provides all the solutions for cycling development in the company.

  • Selling or renting a bicycle fleet managed by the company for the use of employees : bike – sharing fleet.
    Direct bundling employees organized by the company . Communication and animated presentation of bikes, trials, reductions in the number of bicycles purchased , any grant of business, delivery bikes to the company.
  • Installing bike parking on the company website
  • Bike maintenance fleets on the company website by a technician LBVE
  • Integration of booking bicycles on the company intranet , niche schedules and information on the operation, safety , bike paths , etc.
  • Autonomous management of keys on presentation of badge or entering a code provided by the intranet at the time of booking, the key box delivers the key booked via the site. The system allows to monitor and analyze the use of bicycles.
  • Short-term rental bikes for event

For seminars in Deauville, we have a partner :