Maintenance, repair, renovation , cleaning. The workshop is in a bike shop what the kitchen in a restaurant.
The “head” reigns supreme for fun and safety of clients. Here more than anywhere else expresses the passion , knowledge and technical expertise.

To better serve you , some rules of good reports are required:

Interventions are only by appointment

When making an appointment , we clarify with you the pieces to change to predict possible. We note that there has to
and ask you to sign the worksheet . If during surgery we discovered the need for further intervention , we will call you
for your approval. For this we ask for your contact information ( email and such ) to reach you quickly .

We communicate a date recovery after cycling operation. After this date , and for reasons of space,
10eTTC we charge per day of babysitting.

To intervene effectively and seriously, we ask our customers to give us their own bike. Otherwise ,
at the time of the establishment of the worksheet , we specify that cleaning is required.

Our interventions are billed at time spent either 50eTTC / hour.

who takes care of you ?